These classes are ideal for any fitness level and provide a safe environment to begin your yoga practice. Everyone’s different, so one of the most important things is learning to understand your own body’s strengths and ways, giving you skills to progress at a pace comfortable for you. Most people start off pretty inflexible, but don’t let this put you off! Improving, over time is one of the results of practice and most people find that they can touch their toes within a few sessions. Classes are flowing and mindful and end with a deep relaxation to rejuvinate mind and spirit.



This general class is dynamic with each asana moving from one to the next in balance and counter balance- stretching, strengthening and toning the whole body following the breath with vinyasa flow while considering alignment and mindfullness. Instructors demo poses and use hands on adjustment to bring deeper awareness. Classes are varied in style, drawing from the deep well of yoga rather than being a particular brand or style. Ending in a deep relaxation to rejuvinate mind and spirit.


Pregnancy Yoga

This dedicated pre-natal class means you will be in the best hands during this important time. Classes will reflect the important changes within your body and energy levels and are a great preparation for pregnancy, they are open to any level of experience, so even if you have been practicing for years or new to yoga, you will enjoy and gain a lot from these classes!


Sunday Night Soul

Wind down from your weekend with a nourishing, soulful yoga practice to release and recharge your body and mind, followed by the deep, dreamy guided relaxation. Make space inside to feel and move to your own energetic rhythms, in a way that feels comfortable, sustainable and intuitive- finding the strength and balance that will carry you through the week ahead. Feel connected to those around you as body, heart and mind open, revealing a well of boundless love and tranquillity with in. Every Sunday from 5:00-6:30pm.


Candle Lit Yin

Melt away your stress and create space for inspiration and vitality. Yin is a slow, subtle practice which offers a deep state of relaxation and release of stress and tension. It is a practice much needed in today's difficult, hurried times, offering us a way to leave behind our ideas of how we should be and to discover a more genuine way of being. Poses are held supported for 3 minutes or more to work on the joints, connective tissues, and energy system of the body, encouraging deeper flexibility mentally and physically as we hold and breathe into these shapes. In the process, lasting healing and rejuvenation takes place, recharging the entire body.


Private Classes

This one-on-one attention means that we can properly assess your posture and form, giving appropriate adjustments that are relevant to you. These sessions are very benefical as an initial assessment or if you wanted to truly set the pace that works for you. We an also doo private group sessions. Available by for £45.


What to bring

Wear comfy clothing and don’t eat before any yoga class or therapy: main meals: 3 hours, snacks: 1 hour


What’s provided  

Mats, blocks, straps etc and blankets to wrap up in for the relaxation.


View the timetable and book yourself into classes.