Become a Qualified Yoga Teacher


We are very EXCITED to tell you about Real Flow yoga 200 hour Teacher Training

(certified by Yoga Alliance)


Teacher training objective and aims


* Learn to teach from a place of real intuition, real experience and real knowledge

* Unlock your gifts as a yoga teacher by strengthening your own connection to the flow experience

* Become proficient in consciously entering the state of flow

* Help guide, inspire and empower your students to evoke real flow for themselves

* Become proficient, intuitive and adaptable

* Develop technical skills in equal measure to creative flow



Complete the training over 3 months


The structure of the Real Flow Yoga teacher training course offers an optimal combination of

immersive intensive training for the chance to delve-in, explore deeply and experience the

transformative powers of yoga first-hand yet also the structure also provides you with ample

time to process, assimilate and ponder upon your discoveries and learning. You will qualify in

3 months, which is an ideal amount of time to gain sufficient teaching experience to give you

the confidence to teach and also not too long so as to avoid losing the momentum and passion

for study.



Experience an Immersion into Yoga 


The immersion will be a chance to develop your physical practice, will involve deep meditation

and relaxation and you will also gain applied understanding of the art and technical skill of

teaching yoga. It will allow you to step out of your usual routine and life in order to allow you

to break old habits, and create new positive ones. It’s a chance to bring great positive change

in your own life where needed and how these will pave the path and create the light needed

to guide others in their yoga practice


2- weeks Immersion

in Taghazout, Morocco

Yoga & Meditation Practice & Teaching Methododology

26th Aug - 9th Sep 2017



UK-Based Weekend Modules


The remaining modules will take place over three weekends at London Fields Yoga, with the

final module taking place in a retreat setting in a countryside retreat centre. Weekend training

allows you to fit your study around your busy life and also allows you to begin to really

integrate the training into your everyday life. We will support you in your journey to becoming

a teacher with regular contact, study groups with your peers and on-hand 1-2-1 contact with

your tutors.


1st Weekend

at London Fields Yoga Studio

Anatomy & Physiology

23rd & 24th Sep 2017


2nd & 3rd Weekends

London Fields Yoga Studio

History & Philosophy of classical and contemporary Yoga

7-8th Oct and then 21st & 22nd Oct 2017


4 day Immersion

in UK Retreat Centre -

The How-to of teaching and Business of Yoga

16th - 19th Nov 2017



Expert Teaching Faculty


Senior teacher Tammy with Elizabeth & Haley all have unique backgrounds and a

diverse range of teaching and training experience that make them true authentic experts

in their field. The common thread that unites the teaches is their intuitive approach to teaching.



Suitable for


* 2 years experience of yoga practice

* want to deepen their yoga practice, even if not intending to teach

* want to experience the transformation from yoga

* want to quailfy to teach yoga

* may be already qualified but want to develop their teaching of flow yoga




£3,000 in total. Payable in instalments.

It is possible to book the Morocco module as a stand-alone immersive retreat experience. Head to the link below to find out more details.



Website: www.realflowyoga.com 

Email: hello@realflowyoga.com


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