Prenatal Yoga & Massage

We have a team of trained yoga teachers and holistic therapists to provide that extra care at this important time. Please wait until week 13 before booking any treatment or joining yoga classes.


Pre-Natal Yoga

Strengthening your body, easing discomfort, breath work and relaxation methods to bring about a state of peace and prepare you for labour while bonding with the little resident in your tummy. Yoga asana are tailored to this special time.


Post-Natal Yoga for New Mums (Babies very welcome!)

Practices seek to create physical, mental and emotional wellbeing and promote healing and

recovery. Mothers will leave class feeling uplifted, strong and positive about their body and

hopefully more grounded and rested!


• Suitable for mums from 2 weeks after a natural birth or 4 weeks after a C-Section

• Suitable for babies from 0 – 6 months


Specifically focused on rehabilitation and recovery from pregnancy and labour we will

concentrate on bringing back stability and support within the postural muscles healing

abdominal diastasis (separation), rebuilding strength in the deep core muscles, in particular

the pelvic floor and the T.V.A (transverses abdominus muscles). Alongside the physical rehab

practices there will be time and opportunity to explore yogic breathing techniques to manage

anxiety and emotions and deep yoga relaxation to help restore and rest deeply.


We will explore some baby massage and play. This class fully encourages mum to bond with baby; happily feed, cuddle or comfort baby throughout the session when needed.


Pre-Natal Massage


Our deeply experienced therapists use the ancient techniques of massage following the energy lines within the whole body, applying pressure to release stiffness & tension from deep within the muscles and body. Attention will be given to any areas of stress or tension - by the end of the massage you should feel calm, relaxed and rejuvenated! Choose from deep tissue massage, thai or refloxology.


1 hour: £66 | 1 hour 30 mins: £90