We offer a variety of holistic treatments at the studio:


Deep Tissue/Holistic Massage - 1 hour: £66 | 1 hour 30 mins: £90

Also referred to as Swedish massage, this treatment works into the deepest layers of the muscle tissue, tendons and fascia (the layer that wraps around the muscle).

Ideal for chronic aches and pains, muscle tightness and stiff areas.


Thai Yoga Massage - 1 hour: £66 | 1 hour 30 mins: £90*

This ancient technique of massage follows the energy lines within the body, applying pressure and stretching to release stiffness & tension deep within the muscles from head to toe.

You will leave feeling calm, relaxed and rejuvenated!

* 30 min taster sessions available Monday mornings for £33


Ayurvedic Massage - 1 hour: £66 | 1 hour 30 mins: £90

A technique from the Himalayan Ayurvedic Masters, which stimulates the immune system, improves circulation, relieves back pain and revitalises the whole body through the application of moderate pressure to Marma points.


Sports & Remedial Massage - 1 hour: £66 | 1 hour 30 mins: £90

If you have a soft tissue injury such as a muscle strain or ligament sprain, or you have chronic aches, pains and tension, or simply want to improve your posture, a sports/remedial massage is for you.   You will get a massage tailored to your needs, plus a posture assessment and suggestions for homecare.


Trigger point & neuro - muscular technique - 1 hour: £66 | 1 hour 30 mins: £90

If your muscle tissue feels stiffer or denser than normal, pain or discomfort in that area may occur and often they may refer pain to another area. Referred pain is a defining symptom of a myofascial trigger-point. Palpation is used to find trigger points. Once an area has been found, pressure is applied for a certain amount of time, within the clients pain tolerance (please note-with this technique you may need more than 1 hour).


Myofascial release - 1 hour: £66 | 1 hour 30 mins: £90

This treatment releases restrictions within the facial network (connective tissue), enabling stuck, hardened areas to become pliable, restore muscle function and postural alignment, relieve physical and emotional strain. This manual therapy can help balance the body and promote self-healing and relaxation by improving the circulation and the nervous system. It involves gentle sustained pressure to allow the fascia to elongate and restore to a healthy position (please note-with this technique you may need more than 1 hour).


Reiki - 1 hour: £66

A Japanese technique for stress reduction & relaxation that also promotes healing; a gentle form of hands on healing.


Reflexology - 1 hour: £66

An ancient Chinese technique that uses pressure-points on the feet to restore the natural flow of energy throughout the entire body. This therapy re-balances the body's circulatory, respiratory, digestive and hormonal systems, aswell as relieving stress and promoting well-being. Facial and maternity reflexology also avaliable.



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